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After you buy boards and modules you need to connect them. To do this take a look at the pin assigment of the module:


The best way is to use the UEXT pins present on all boards from GHI (except for FEZ Panda that requires extra soldering or shield). Connecting the Nordic module with the board can be done using a 2x5 ribbon cable. Unfortunately UEXT has 2x5 pins and the module has a 2x4 pins. Also those pins are not compatible so the ribbon cable requires some modifications. In the photo belowe you can see the proper way to create the ribbon cable. This cable will work on all FEZ boards that have UEXT connector. Two options are shown, the only difference is the orientation of the nordic module.

Hint: always make sure that you plug in the cable correctly. First two wires (red and next one) of the ribbon are the GND and VCC.

Ribbon cable

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